World History (WOH)

WOH2040  WORLD IN THE 20TH CENTURY  (3.00 Credits)

This course is an examination of the major political, social, economic, intellectual, diplomatic, and military developments and events of the 20th century. It will employ a chronological approach to several major themes which frame the history of the contemporary world: the decline of European hegemony in the course of two major wars and a world depression; the concomitant challenge to western supremacy from Asia; a half-century of superpower hostility following the outbreak of the cold war; and the transformation of global politics in light of the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and the end of the Cold War. WOH2040 is a writing credit course. Students must earn a minimum grade of C to meet the requirements of the Gordon Rule for writing. WOH2040 meets the International/Intercultural competency requirement.

Total Contact Hrs: 48.00
Lecture Hrs: 48.00