Maximum Attempts per Course

Per State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0301, a student may have only three attempts per course. An attempt is defined as enrollment after the 100% refund deadline for courses. Attempts include the original grade, repeat of courses, withdrawals and audits. A student may repeat only those courses in which a “D” or “F” grade was earned. A request for a fourth attempt may be permitted through a petition to the Academic Standards Committee based on major extenuating circumstances.

Courses may be repeated if they are designated as repeatable, such as choir, music, or are individualized courses of study; or if they are required to be repeated by a regulatory agency; or are being repeated as part of a regulatory requirement for continuing education to stay current in a field, such as teacher certification.

Florida law requires colleges to assess students the full cost of instruction upon the third attempt. The law also provides for exceptions to this extra fee if there are extenuating circumstances that can be documented by the student and submitted to the Academic Standards Committee for review.

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the effect(s) of withdrawing or repeating a course with their advisor/counselor and financial services officer to determine the potential impact on their academic programs and financial aid status.