Admissions Information

The Board of Trustees establishes Admission Policies at Broward College (BC) aligned to Florida Statutes, Chapter 1007.263 and accompanying Board Rules. Broward College gives all students the opportunity to pursue an education beyond high school.

Broward College complies with all relevant laws enacted at every level of government to provide access to students with disabilities. Students with documented disabilities are assured participation in all College activities and services. However, disclosure of a disability is voluntary, and students cannot receive support services/accommodations unless they provide current documentation of their disability and registers with the Accessibility Resources office on their campus. Students will then be provided with the appropriate support services/accommodations based on their individual needs and College policy.

High school graduates with a standard high school diploma, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), hold a high school equivalency diploma issued by another state which is recognized as equivalent by State Board of Education rule and is based on an assessment recognized by the United States Department of Education, previously demonstrated competency in college credit post-secondary coursework by earning a minimum of 12 credits with a grade of C or higher in each college level course, hold an accepted Certificate of Completion, and applicants who completed the requirements for home education may apply for admission to the College.

Broward College has developed guidelines to determine the validity of high school diplomas in compliance with Federal Title IV Regulations. Student Financial Aid has developed minimum standards outlined in College Policy 6Hx2-5.11 and the accompanying procedure. All students are required to complete the requirements and procedures outlined for admission.

Applicants with non-U.S. transcripts are required to submit a course-by-course commercial evaluation identifying upper and lower division coursework and English translation is required for post-secondary transcripts from outside of the United States. Only commercial evaluation companies certified by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) will be accepted. The student is responsible for the cost of obtaining the commercial evaluation and translation service. Official transcripts shall be provided for all coursework taken at other institutions in the United States. The College reserves the right to make all determinations relative to course equivalency and type of credit accepted in transfer.

Students who are not in good academic standing (on suspension or dismissal) must meet with an Academic Advisor to review transcript(s) from prior institutions attended, upon application for admission to BC.

Requested documents must be presented prior to registration for the student's first term of enrollment, Students whose transcripts are not received at the College will be blocked form registering for their first term of entry/re-entry.

Pursuant to the College’s Admissions Policy 6Hx2-5.01, falsification of any information on the application is grounds for admission denial and/or expulsion if already enrolled. Students who attended U.S. colleges and universities and fail to submit complete transcripts from those institutions will be sanctioned and disciplined per the Student Code of Conduct when the falsification is discovered. Additionally, students who falsify their residency or citizenship status upon admission or re-admission may be denied admission or dismissed permanently at the point the misrepresentation is discovered by the College. If a student has attended another Florida state institution within the last 12 months while not enrolled at the College, and that institution declared the student a Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes, their residency status will be honored upon entry or re-entry. An official and complete electronic transcript showing no work in progress must be submitted to BC from all colleges and universities attended while not enrolled at the College. Any monies owed to the College must be paid in full.

Admissions Definitions

Degree Seeking Applicants - Applicants that intend to pursue coursework leading to a Bachelor or Associate degree.

Degree Seeking Applicants with Non-Standard Diplomas - Federal student aid cannot be awarded to a student who does not have a valid high school diploma recognized by the issuing state as eligible for Federal student financial aid. Students who earn certificates of completion may enroll at Broward College, and State need-based aid and institutional aid can be awarded upon initial enrollment.

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants - Applicants who wish to take college credit or vocational credit courses for personal enrichment or career exploration, and who do not intend to seek a degree or a certificate.

Degree or non-degree seeking students with Earned Degrees - Applicants with earned Bachelor's degrees can apply and enroll in degree or non-degree seeking programs. Applicants holding AA degrees or Bachelor's degrees cannot earn another AA degree.

Bachelor Applicants - Applicants who hold an Associate of Arts degree or 60 college credits may be eligible to be admitted to a Bachelor's degree program. A supplemental application is also required. 

Transfer Applicants - Applicants who previously attended another college or university.

Vocational and technical Certificates or Applied Technology Diploma ApplicantsRequirements vary for applicants who intend to complete a Vocational Certificate, Technical Certificate, and/or Applied Technology Diploma from program to program. Specific requirements for certificate and applied technology programs are in the academic section of this catalog.

International (F1 and M1 Student Visa/Status) Applicants - International Applicants that are degree-seeking and attend classes full-time (at least 12 credits per term) or apply to the Language Training Program. See the International Students section of this catalog for detailed international admissions information. 

Transient Students - Applicants that are enrolled at another college or university and want to take courses at Broward College.

High School Dual Enrolled Applicants - High school students who attend College classes in accordance with the eligibility requirements established in Florida Statutes and State Board of Education. Dual enrollment students may enroll in a maximum number of credits approved in the current inter-institutional Articulation Agreement approved by the Broward College District Board of Trustees and Broward County Public Schools.

High School Early Admissions - High school seniors who attend the College on a full-time basis during their senior year of high school.