Class Attendance Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to attend classes to ensure that he/she is properly enrolled. Requirements for class attendance are determined by the instructor and will be outlined in the course syllabus. By staying in the class, students are agreeing to abide by that attendance policy.

If a student does not attend class during the enrollment verification period, the student will be reported as never attended and a WN enrollment status will be recorded for non-attendance. No refund will be granted. The dates of the enrollment verification period can be found on the College website at

Students will notify instructors in advance of absences(s) to observe a religious holy day(s) in their own faith and shall likewise notify instructors in advance of other absences when practicable under the circumstances.

According to College Policy 6Hx2-4.18 and Florida Statutes, Chapter 1001.64, there shall be no penalty for a student who is absent because of religious holy days, the student’s serious illness, a death in the immediate family, or statutory government responsibilities. If a non-penalized absence occurs on the first day of class, the student shall notify the instructor of the reason for his/her absence at the next class meeting. The student shall present documentation for non-penalized absences should the faculty member request it. Students will be responsible for material covered during an absence. Excessive absences may result in a failing grade recorded for the course.