Student Activities

Broward College provides a variety of opportunities for students at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels to pursue special interests, develop leadership skills, participate in service projects, and enjoy related activities through college-sponsored groups. Clubs and other organizations contribute to the leadership and engagement of students by providing a range of social, educational, business, religious, leadership, multi-cultural, artistic, and academic groups that are open to all students. Although activities vary somewhat by location, students are not limited to participation at their “home” campus. These groups provide the opportunity for students to celebrate diversity, collaborate with students/faculty/staff, and enhance/support the learning outcomes of the classroom.

For more information about a student organization, or to join/start a club, contact the Student Life Office or visit

Campus/Center Location Phone Number
Central Campus Bldg. 19, Rm. 106 954-201-6756
North Campus Bldg. 46, Rm. 133 954-201-2325
South Campus Bldg. 68, Rm. 188 954-201-8911
WHC Bldg. 33, Rm. 120 954-201-7964
Tigertail Bldg. 39, Rm. 113 954-201-4500
BC Online Bldg. 1401, Rm. 147 954-201-7900
Miramar West Bldg. 3101, Rm.132A 954-201-8463

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Broward College represents the student body and acts as the voice of the students in all degree programs, including associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels. The Student Government Association provides opportunities for students to actively participate in college standing governance committees and provides an official forum for students to inform the College from the student's perspective. All students are represented by the Student Government Association. Each campus elects a Student Government Association president, executive board, and senate.

Selected students become involved in district and state-level events.

Students involved in SG will learn teamwork, conflict resolution, communication skills, and the legislative process. For more information, contact the SG office on your campus:

Campus/Center Location Phone Number
Central Campus Bldg. 19, Rm. 106 954-201-6846
North Campus Bldg. 46, Rm. 133 954-201-2461
South Campus Bldg. 68, Rm. 188 954-201-8911
Miramar West Center Bldg. 3101, Rm. 124 954-201-8463
WHC Bldg. 33, Rm. 120 954-201-7964

Fitness Centers

Students, staff, and faculty, whether full- or part-time, have free access to various wellness centers at different campuses. Broward College’s wellness centers encourage physical health and well-being by providing the facilities to everyone free of charge. There are a large variety of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment.

In order to gain access to the gym, you will need to bring the following items: Broward College Student ID card, towel, and workout clothes. Contact the wellness center on your campus to check the schedule.

Exercise facilities locations and hours (summer hours may vary):

Campus/Center Location Phone Number
Central Campus Bldg. 11 954-201-6948
North Campus Bldg. 60 954-201-2431
South Campus Bldg. 65 954-201-8972

Competitive Academic Teams

The Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors College is pleased to help facilitate four highly competitive academic teams which maintain an active presence across the campus, state, and country. Membership is open to Honors and non-Honors and College Academy students from all campuses. Each group attends team-based competitions where they compete for certificates and trophies.

Brain Bowl

The Broward College Brain Bowl team competes with other participating Florida colleges. Each team consists of up to five members. The first competition is among assigned regions. Winners of the regional tournaments compete in the state tournament, usually held in February or March. Brain Bowl members also participate in the National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) tournament, a nationwide college competition. The Brain Bowl Team at Broward College has a proven track record of victories in the regional, state, and nation.

Math Team

The Broward College Math Team competes at the annual Florida state Math Olympics at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. There are two parts to the event: A team portion, and an individual portion. Winners take home trophies and cash prizes. Teams usually meet with the coaches on a weekly basis to practice. A math level of Calculus II is recommended.

Model United Nations

The Broward College Model United Nations (MUN) team researches and debates various international topics. Our United Nations simulation conferences take place across the country and students compete with local colleges as well as top-tier national universities. Typically, the MUN team competes in three to four conferences a year, two in the fall, and two in the winter. As well as attending United Nations simulations and crisis-themed conferences, students can expect to participate in on-campus training and events.

Forensics (Speech/Debate)

The Broward College Forensics Team competes in the Florida College Student Activities Association. In intercollegiate forensics (speech/debate) there are two classes of competition: Debate and Individual Events. Debate events include: Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Parliamentary. Individual events include: prose, poetry, screenplays, movie/radio scripts, and several types of platform speeches. There are also two categories of what is called limited preparation.

For more information on any of the Competitive Academic Teams, visit the honors website at

Tigertail Lake Recreational Center

Tigertail Lake Recreational Center provides water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, scuba, stand-up paddleboards, and kayaking; ropes challenge courses; recreational trips; and American Red Cross lifeguard classes. Students are welcome to come out for free watersports rentals and discounted activities 7 days a week. Tigertail Lake Recreational Center is located at 580 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach. For more information, call Tigertail at 954 201-4500.

Student Publications

The Observer

This publication is the bi-monthly college-wide student newspaper. The award-winning student newspaper gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of areas in journalism such as writing, reporting, photography, desktop publishing, and design. The Observer informs the student body and college community, offers a formal workshop series on different journalism topics, officers an annual journalism boot camp, and provides one-on-one instruction between the adviser and students.

Although The Observer’s main office is located on North Campus, Bldg. 46, Rm. 151, students from all campuses are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact The Observer office at 954-201-8035 or via email at

P'an Ku

P'an Ku is Broward College's award-winning, student-run art and literature magazine. Published bi-annually, P'an Ku showcases creative works by the BC student body. Students who join the P'an Ku team learn how to manage submissions, edit literary works, evaluate art submissions, hone public speaking skills, plan collegewide events, and work with industry printers. Scholarships for editors are available. For information on how to submit work for consideration, how to join the team, and to view past issues of the magazine, visit

Minority Male Initiative

Committed to closing achievement gaps between its male learners, Broward College continues to find new ways to provide sustained support to underserved students. The Minority Male Initiative focuses on supporting completion goals, as well as improving persistence and retention rates among these students. For more information about the program, contact: Patrick Sneed at