Blended Learning Opportunities

Flexible learning is offered at Broward College. Students have the advantages of both meeting the instructor in class, as well as completing work according to their own schedule outside of class.

Blended courses are the “best of both worlds” and a good choice for students who enjoy both online and on-campus learning but cannot spend as much time on campus as would be required for a traditional face-to-face course. Class time may be used for small group work, review of difficult concepts or assistance with assignments. Students complete assignments and assessments online or in class. In a blended course, students engage with the instructor, their peers, and the course content in the classroom as well as through the tools in the learning management system. Communication and engagement may be synchronous or asynchronous. Some blended courses are offered in an accelerated format, such as 8-week sessions (or six weeks in summer semester), permitting students to complete courses in a shortened time frame.

To learn more about blended learning and determine if this modality can help you successfully complete your educational goal, please call 954-201-7900.