Course Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

Pre-requisite and co-requisite courses are provided in the course descriptions. Pre-requisites are academic requirements that must be completed before enrolling in the next subject level. Students are responsible for knowing and satisfactorily completing pre-requisite requirements. If a student registers for a course for the next term while currently enrolled in a pre-requisite course, then the student must satisfactorily complete the pre-requisite course or withdraw from the higher-level course. Otherwise, the student may be dropped from the course for which he/she is ineligible. Students, who have completed a pre-requisite course at another institution, must furnish proof before registering for the higher-level course.

Co-requisites are courses that must be completed together such as a science course and the associated laboratory. Students cannot take one without the other. If you drop one, you must drop the other. Co-requisite academic requirements are provided in the course descriptions. Students should know what the academic requirements are before attempting to register for a course.