Student ID Number

A student ID is a system derived identifier that is used throughout Broward College.

Username & Password

The student's email address or username is the student’s access to their Broward College One Access (OneLogin) student portal at Broward College. The student creates and submits their password at the end of the online student application. Upon initial login, into OneLogin, the student will be prompted to reset their password, as well as set up their multifactor authentication using the Protect App or by selecting two security questions and answers to use while off campus. It is important that the password is secured and is not revealed to anyone. If it is suspected that the password has been compromised, change the password online to ensure all academic and financial records are secure. If a password is compromised, lost, or forgotten, click the Forgot Password button on the OneLogin sign-in page and the student will have different methods for resetting their password securely. If this fails, you can contact the help desk at 954-201-7521 and they can assist with resetting the password after the student goes through a verification process.

Online Registration

Register on the web by following the steps below. From the Broward College home page:

New, Current, Transfer, or Returning Student

  1. Log into your MYBC account
    • Login to One Access
      Enter your BC Email (or User ID) and password when signing in to OneLogin. You will be prompted to answer your two multifactor authentication questions if you log in from outside the Broward College Wi-Fi network.
    • Click on MyBC
  2. Click on BC navigate
    • Accept your Academic Plan in BC Navigate. This Academic Plan is your guide to which classes to register for each semester.
  3. Register for classes
    • Using your Academic Plan will make it much easier for you to register for classes.
  4. Review fees and payment due dates
    • On the MyBC home page review fees and payment due dates.
    • If you have not submitted proof of Florida residency, your schedule will reflect out-of-state fees.

Non-degree, Transient, or Non-Credit Student

Log into your MyBC account

  • Login to One Access
  • Enter your BC Email (or User ID) and password when signing in to OneLogin. You will be prompted to answer your two multifactor authentication questions if you log in from outside the Broward College Wi-Fi network
  • Click on MyBC.
  • Click on registration.
  • Click on Add/Drop.
  • Select a term.
  • Search for classes by course number, reference number(s), or open classes by clicking on the appropriate circle.
  • Select a class then click.
  • To remove a class, click on the “Drop Course” box.
  • When finished selecting classes, click “Save” to complete registration.
  • Print the schedule and payment information, and click on the “Logoff” box.

Term Schedule of Classes

Term schedules are available online.

Registration Dates

Registration dates are published online for all students and are also available via MyBC.

Schedule Changes

During registration periods, students may add courses until the actual class begins if the course is not full. After the term begins, students may “drop” courses until the last day to “drop” for a 100% refund. After the 100% add/drop date, students are considered to be enrolled and responsible for the course. This date is published on the College Academic calendar online.

After this deadline, and as long as it is not the third attempt, students may withdraw from courses until the last day of the published withdrawal period which is the 60% point in the term.  Student financial aid is based on course enrollment; therefore, any changes in enrollment prior to the 60% published date will impact a student’s financial aid award.

Registration Holds

A registration hold may be placed on a student’s record that will prevent the student from registering until action has been taken to resolve the issue. If students are unable to register online, it is their responsibility to contact the registration office promptly to determine the cause of the problem and resolve it in a timely manner.

Students can see what registration holds they may have by logging into their MyBC account and or viewing holds and resolutions in BC Navigate. Typical holds include missing transcripts, unpaid student fines, discipline or other violations, incomplete records, academic warning, probation, and suspension or a requirement to meet with a college official prior to registration.

Auditing a Class

Auditing a class allows students to enroll in a class for no credit. No grade is awarded for audited courses. The transcript will indicate a grade of X and not count as an attempt if registered prior to the add/drop deadline. Students must contact the instructor to learn of any requirements regarding attendance, class participation, and assignments.

Changing from credit to audit may be done with the instructor’s approval through the scheduled last day to change from credit to audit as listed in the academic term calendar. Audits count as an attempt if enrolled after the drop/add period and the transcript will indicate a grade of XC. Per Florida statute students are not permitted to audit a course on a third attempt.

Course Withdrawals

It is the responsibility of the student to drop their course registration up through the published deadline for a 100% refund. Courses dropped prior to the last day of this deadline will not appear on the student’s academic record.

After the published deadline for a 100% refund, a student may withdraw until the published last day to withdraw. Withdrawn courses remain on the student’s transcript with a status of withdrawal, indicating that the student registered for the course but withdrew. After the deadline for withdrawal, grades are earned and recorded. Students’ financial aid will be impacted by any change in enrollment status resulting in W, F, and other unsatisfactory progress grades. See the Financial Aid Section of this catalog and College Policy for additional guidelines.