Academic Standards Committee

Broward College students who wish to request an exception to the academic rules, regulations and requirements of the College must submit a petition to the Academic Standards Committee.

The following procedure shall apply to requests for exceptions to established academic policies:

  1. The student shall complete the Academic Standards Petition that is available online after meeting with their academic advisor. The Petition shall include all pertinent and relevant documentation such as transcripts, or medical documentation.
  2. All requests for fourth (4th) attempts must include documentation to prove the extenuating circumstance aligned to the dates of the course failures and withdrawals.
  3. The Campus Associate Dean of Student Services or designee must sign the petition and forward it to the College Registrar’s Office no later than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting.
  4. The Academic Standards Committee generally meets the first Thursday of the month.
  5. After careful review of the petitions, the Committee shall make recommendations to the Student Ombudsperson. The Student Ombudsperson may accept the recommendations from the Committee or make a different decision based on the facts and information presented by the student and/or the committee.
  6. The student shall be notified of decisions in writing by the Student Ombudsperson.
  7. Students should note that the academic standards process is their appeal, and all decisions are final.
  8. Broward College students at BC international centers who are requesting an exception to College policy, must follow the same petition process.