Credits for Prior Learning

Broward College values the college-level knowledge and skills students acquire outside a college classroom. Credit for Prior Learning options afford students the opportunity to accelerate the time it takes to complete a degree.

Students interested in these options must first apply to BC and pay the non-refundable application fee.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement exams are taken after students complete the corresponding Advanced Placement courses, which are available to juniors and seniors in most Broward County high schools. To qualify for college credit, students must earn an appropriate passing score on the nationally administered exam. Credits will not be awarded for examinations that duplicate course work or other exam credits previously posted to a student’s academic record. In order to award credit, Broward College requires an official grade report, sent directly to the college from College Board, not a student copy. More information about Advanced Placement, including descriptions of courses and sample examination questions, is available online at

Armed Services Educational Credits

Broward College will conduct an evaluation of educational experiences in the Armed Forces and award postsecondary level credits at the freshman and/or sophomore levels when appropriate. The evaluation procedure will be comprised of two categories of military experiences. TYPE I will be the evaluation of military courses listed in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Forces, American Council on Education. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/College Registrar’s Office will receive and evaluate petitions for military courses in the same manner as other incoming transfer credits. TYPE II will be the evaluation of other military training and experiences by the Department of Experiential Learning. The standard fee for the assessment of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) will be applied to TYPE II evaluations.

Students interested in this option should see an Academic Advisor to complete the “Request for Evaluation of Military Courses” form.

Cambridge AICE (British AS-Level and A-Level)

The AICE program is an international, advanced secondary curriculum and assessment program equivalent to the British system of “A-Levels.” Students who wish to receive AICE credits should submit official transcripts to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/College Registrar’s Office. Information about the program, including course syllabi, can be found on-line at

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate program is a challenging curriculum offered in high schools around the world that is designed to prepare students for advanced work in many countries’ postsecondary systems. Because it is international, the curriculum is not always as closely aligned with courses in American colleges and universities as Advanced Placement courses, and students and teachers often choose topics within a fairly wide range. Students frequently conduct independent projects as part of the curriculum. Many subjects have both Standard Level and Higher-Level versions, which typically require additional specialized research or independent work. International Baccalaureate assessments are conducted worldwide, so that an American student’s work may be evaluated by a teacher in Singapore or vice-versa, and they often include substantial long-answer components or assessment of student research projects or portfolios. It may be helpful for institutions to talk with the student or to review the student’s projects in order to assign appropriate credit. More information about the IB program is available at

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) program provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate competency in certain subjects and thereby earn college credit for particular courses without enrolling in classes. Students seeking CLEP credit at Broward College but do not wish to become BC students must submit a non-credit admissions application to the Admissions/Registration Office. Individuals wishing to become BC students and receive CLEP credit must apply to Broward College and pay the non-refundable application fee. Former BC dual enrollment students must submit a Re-Entry application but do not pay the application fee. Broward College’s CLEP code number is 5074. CLEP tests are administered throughout the year at any of the three campus Testing and Assessment Centers. Check the Testing Center webpage for CLEP testing opportunities. CLEP credit cannot duplicate regular college course credit already earned, Dual Enrollment credit, or other credits earned through examination. This credit is also not included in determining the qualitative or quantitative measures for student financial aid standards of academic progress annual review. Courses for which credit is awarded is not included in BC enrolled credit hours and are not eligible to meet in residence requirements for graduation. Visit for more information.

DSST Examination Program

The DSST exams, unlike Advanced Placement, are not built around curriculum, but rather are designed to test students’ knowledge on a variety of college-level subjects, regardless of where they may have learned the material. Exams are developed by committees of college faculty. DSST tests are administered throughout the year at any of the three campus Testing and Assessment Centers. Check the Testing Center webpage for DSST testing opportunities. Visit for more information.

Excelsior College Examinations

Excelsior College Examinations (formerly known as Regents College Exams or the Proficiency Examination Program), are developed by Excelsior College using national committees of faculty consultants and national studies to assess how well the tests measure the performance of students in actual college courses. Excelsior College Examinations are approved by the American Council on Education and Excelsior College itself is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS). More detailed information about Excelsior College Examinations can be found online at

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program is an accelerated program that allows eligible secondary students to take postsecondary coursework and simultaneously earn both high school and college credits. Early Admission, a form of dual enrollment, allows eligible high school seniors to enroll full time with a minimum of 12 credits in each major term. Dual Enrollment students are exempt from the payment of application, tuition, and laboratory fees.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be enrolled as a student in a Florida public or nonpublic secondary school or home education program in Broward County
  • Minimum 3.0 unweighted high school grade point average (GPA)
  • Place college level on a common placement test (ACCUPLACER NEXT GEN, PERT, ACT, or SAT) in all areas – English, Reading and Math
  • Earn a grade of “C” or higher in each college level course. 

Students should contact their school counselor to complete the dual enrollment admissions and course selection process. Additional program expectations and dual enrollment guidelines and information for school counselors, students, and parents can be found at

College Academy @ BC

The College Academy is a joint venture between the School Board of Broward County and Broward College. It is an accelerated college program that provides students an opportunity to receive a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts (A.A) degree concurrently. For specific program information and admissions requirements, please contact The College Academy @ BC at or 754-321-6900.

Foreign Language Exams

Broward College accepts languages exams taken through the Brigham Young University’s Foreign Language Achievement Tests Services (BYU FLATS). This service allows speakers of other languages to fulfill the foreign language competency requirement by passing a computerized foreign language exam. Exams are offered in over 50 languages: Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Haitian-Creole, and more. Course credits are not awarded. The foreign language requirement will be fulfilled on the students’ degree audit. For more information visit

High School and Technical College Career Programs

Broward College has specific agreements with Broward County Public Schools that links secondary and postsecondary technical education programs of study. High school or Technical College (Atlantic, Sheridan or McFatter) students may be eligible to receive college credit for their course work. High School students must complete a Career and Technical program or Technical College students complete a Career Certificate and meet the articulation agreement requirements. The number of credits that will be awarded and the type of assessment used are outlined in the articulation agreements established between Broward College and Broward County Public Schools. Credit will be awarded once the student has been accepted to Broward College and enrolled in a program of study and meet all required assessments. Students are eligible to receive credits for two years after high school/technical college graduation.

Industry Certifications

Students who earn an industry certification may receive college credit. The number of credits that will be awarded are outlined in the Statewide Career and Technical Education Articulation Agreements and individual agreements between Broward College and Broward County Public Schools. Credit will be awarded once the student has been accepted to Broward College and enrolled in a program of study. Students are eligible to receive credits for three years after receiving their industry certification.

Prior Learning Assessment Program

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, developed primarily for working adults, is designed to recognize the academic value of what students have learned through experiences outside the college classroom. Credit for prior learning may result from work experience, employment related training programs and seminars, volunteer work, travel, military service or intensive self-directed study. If students have gained Broward College course equivalent knowledge, competencies, and/or skills as a result of prior learning experiences, they may be able to earn academic credit through the Prior Learning Assessment program. This accelerate option is not available during the Summer term. 

Students must be currently enrolled in a degree seeking program and complete the Prior Learning Assessment form, and not all courses are approved through this accelerated option. Although there is no limit to the number of hours that students can receive through Prior Learning, 25% of credits required for a degree must be earned by taking classes at Broward College to satisfy in residence requirements for graduation. Letter grades are not awarded, and credits will appear on student transcripts as “CR." Credits earned through Prior Learning satisfies graduation requirements but may not be accepted as transfer credits at another institution. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should contact the college or university to determine if Prior Learning credits are accepted. 

For more information on Credit for Prior Learning visit