Health/Leisure/Physical Education (HLP)

HLP1081C  TOTAL WELLNESS  (2.00 Credits)

Total Wellness emphasizes the importance of knowledge, attitudes, and practices relating to an individual's overall health. It is a course designed to expose students to a broad range of issues and information relating to the dimensions of wellness that include: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental and financial wellness. This course integrates the dimensions of wellness and fitness in both a classroom and exercise environment so that the student understands the lifelong effects of healthy lifestyle choices. Course topics include, but are not limited to: cardiovascular health, nutrition, exercise prescription, stress reduction, disease prevention, financial readiness and environmental responsibility. HLP1081C meets the International/Intercultural competency requirement.

Total Contact Hrs: 48.00
Lecture Hrs: 32.00
Lab Hrs: 16.00
HLP1087  WELLNESS WORKOUT  (1.00 Credits)

This course is an advanced extension of the wellness track classes. It reviews exercise principles and offers an opportunity for pre-testing to aid in Personal Program Development and post-testing for improvement evaluation. An individualized approach is used in helping class members to develop and implement a personal wellness program. Prerequisites: (any of the following): HLP1081, PEM1116, PEM1131, PEM1141, PEM1181, PEN1171, HSC1101C or instructor's approval.

Total Contact Hrs: 32.00
Lab Hrs: 32.00
HLP2949  CO OP WORK EXPERIENCE  (3.00 Credits)

A course designed to provide training in a student's field of study through work experience. Students are graded on the basis of documentation of learning acquired as reported by students and employer. Students will be assigned specific course prefixes related to their academic major prior to registration.

Total Contact Hrs: 144.00
Other Hrs: 144.00