Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Philosophy

Vision Statement

Broward College will be a destination for academic excellence, serving students from local communities and beyond. The college will embrace diversity – student, faculty, staff, and business partnerships – and foster a welcoming, affirming, and empowering culture of respect and inclusion. The college will stand at the leading edge of technological and environmentally sound innovation, providing attainable, high-quality educational programs. Broward College will be recognized for its recruitment and retention of diverse, outstanding faculty and staff whose primary focus will be to promote the success of each individual student while supporting lifelong learning for all students. As a model post-secondary institution, the college will connect its students to diverse local and global communities through technical, professional, and academic careers.

Mission Statement

Transforming students’ lives and enriching our diverse community through academic excellence, innovation, and meaningful career opportunities.

Core Values

  • Academic Excellence and Student Success: Achieving student success through high-quality, learning-centered programs and services while continuously evaluating and improving student learning outcomes that reflect the highest academic standards. This is accomplished by providing flexible educational opportunities accessible to all students, regardless of time or place.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Creating a community that celebrates diversity and cultural awareness while promoting the inclusion of all its members.
  • Innovation: Developing and implementing the most emergent technologies and teaching/learning methods and strategies to create learning environments that are flexible and responsive to local, national, and international needs.
  • Integrity: Fostering an environment of respect, dignity, and compassion that affirms and empowers all its members while striving for the highest ethical standards and social responsibility.
  • Sustainability: Ensuring effective, efficient use of college resources while implementing fiscally sound practices and environmentally sustainable initiatives that can be modeled in collaboration with our community.
  • Lifelong Learning: Promoting the educational growth and development of all individuals through a variety of post-secondary professional, technical, and academic programs and services.


As an institution committed to the ideal of the value and dignity of the individual, Broward College recognizes the religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity of its students and staff and endeavors to provide equal educational opportunity for all students. Furthermore, the college fosters the value of lifelong learning as it strives through teaching excellence to enable students to appreciate knowledge and to acquire an education that will assist them in assuming positive roles in a changing society. Believing that educated people should be guided in their behavior by decency and civility, the college values honesty, integrity, and social responsibility among its staff and its students. Furthermore, it aspires to empower students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills, global perspective, clarified values, and creativity that will enable them to make moral choices and ethical decisions in all aspects of their lives. In addition, the college embraces a commitment to American democratic values and culture, the principles of responsible citizenship, life enrichment, and self-awareness.