Broward College Foundation

We believe every person who is determined to change their life through the pursuit of higher education should be afforded that opportunity.

Established in 1971, the Broward College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the officially designated means of making private, charitable contributions to Broward College. Its purpose is to change lives through education by providing community awareness, advocacy and funding to the College. The Foundation's volunteer Board of Directors works closely with the College's Office of Advancement to raise money to support scholarships, academic programs and learning facility enhancements. We believe providing the opportunity education makes possible to those who can benefit from it the most is crucial to our community's future.

Board of Directors

Craig L. Farlie, Board Chair
Jarett S. Levan, Vice Chair
Ray Monteleone, Vice Chair
Ms. Vanesa Patiño, Treasurer
Reginald R. Andre, Secretary
Bacardi Jackson, Immediate Past Chair
Nancy Botero, Executive Director, Broward College Foundation
President Gregory Adam Haile, J.D.
Reggie Zachariah, Trustee Representative
Alix Alexis
Alexander Fernandez
Alan Haig
Captain Barrington A. Irving
Dr. Stanley Marks
Ginger Martin
Greg McGowan
George Platt
Dionne Polite
Dr. Richard Pulido
Lloyd Ransom
Lloyd Rhodes
Larry Rice
Jessica Rodriguez

Chair Emeritus

Gene A. Whiddon1

Directors Emeritus

Russell L. Cheatham
Alfred D. Harrington, Jr.
Dr. Willis Holcombe
Richard Kip
Clete Siefker
Judy VanAlstyne
Carol Weber-Thomas

Honorary Directors

Lori Albrizio
Kimberly Aldunate
Dr. Andrea Apa
J. David Armstrong, Jr.
Walter Banks
John Benz
Mia Biggs
Bob Birdsong
John Bochak
Kyle C. Boos
Michael Borrone
Michelle Brenes
Gale Butler
Dr. Michael Chizner
Ellen Crane
Arden Dickey
Mark R. Fried
Kathryn Young Glenewinkel
Trevor Hansen
John P. Hart
Harlan B. Hodes, CPA
Teresa Hodge
Dr. Tai Houser
Dr. Billy Jones
Teresa S. Justice
Dr. Kevin F. Keating
Ray Kendrick
Kathy Koch
Roy Krause
James B. LaBate
Christine Lambertus
Michael G. Landry, Esq.
James Lansing
Marsha Levy
David R. Maymon
Dr. Monica McGrath
Gregory E. McGowan
Angelic Mercer
Chris Mobley
Stacy Modlin
Dev Motwani
Erica Noel
Eugene K. Pettis
Anne Porterfield
Bruce Rector
Derrick Roberts
Joseph Alexander Rolo
Phil Rosenberg
Dianne Ruggiero
Mike Rump
Jean B. Seaver
Pamela Stephany
Shane Strum
Richard Suss
Gregory R. Tait
Dr. Amanda Thibodeau
James D. Tidwell
Barbara S. Wells
Richard O. Wessel
Scott Whiddon
Mary Wood
Barbara S. Wells
Richard O. Wessel
Beverly Yanowitch


The Broward College Foundation serves as the conduit of private contributions to the College. Each year the Foundation provides more $2 million in scholarship funds to the College through the generosity of individuals, families, foundations, companies, and organizations. Scholarships are available for students with financial need and merit awards are available for students with outstanding academic records.

Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to assist the Foundation in its fundraising efforts by participating in the stewardship process and crafting well-written letters of appreciation to their donors. This simple act of courtesy means a great deal to our benefactors and encourages additional support.

Endowed Teaching Chairs Program

The Broward College Foundation was the nation’s first community college foundation to complete an endowed teaching chair capital campaign to recognize, support and encourage the efforts of outstanding professors in their classrooms. The campaign was initiated to honor the college’s 30th anniversary with a goal of 30 chairs. Today the program has 37 chairs, and more than 200 professors have been named recipients.

Meritorious Service Awards

Periodically, Broward College and the Broward College Foundation recognize individuals for their outstanding leadership, service, and philanthropy to the college. The College recognizes their efforts with the following awards:

Distinguished Service Award

Gene A. Whiddon, 1973
James D. Camp, Jr., 1977
Elmer E. Rasmuson, 1977

Seahawk Award

Stephen F. Snyder, 1988
Gene A.Whiddon, 19881
Robert Elmore,19891
Daniel S. Goddrum, 19901



Distinguished Alumni Award

George Platt, 1983
Al Rantel, 1983
Larry Ellis, 1984
Donald Harvey, 1984
The Honorable Debbie Sanderson, 1984
Teresa Sjogren, 19841
Lt. Col. Thomas Taylor, 1985
Dr. Betty Adkins, 1987
Robert Alexander, 1987
Bonnie Flynn, 1987
Dr. William Greene, 1987
Richard Hanauer, 1987
Stephen McDonald, 1987
Richard S. Kip, 1995
William F. Leonard, 19991



Chairman’s Award

Darran Blake, 2008
Joe Charles, 2009
Philip G. McNally, 2011
George Weaver, 2012
Mario Cartaya, 2014
The Honorable James Naugle, 1987
Aldanzo Pratt, 1987
Dr. Timothy Adkins, 1988
The Honorable Parris Glendening, 1988
Sandra McCray, 1988
Carlton Moore, 19881
Dr. Imgard Bocchino, 19891
Dr. William Proctor, 1989
Jasmine Shirley, 1989
Robert Ferrigno, 1990
Evelyn Hardy, 1990
Dr. Betty Brady, 1991
Barbara Jean Ellis, 1991
Dominick Calabro, 1991
Gabriel Grasso, 19911
Varen Black, 1992
Sheriff Ronald Cochran, 19921
Donna Wallace, 1992
Deborah Hazleton, 1993
Cynthia Lodge, 1993
Ray Recchi, 19931
Winifred Warnat, 19931
Dr. Deborah Sloan, 1994
William Milano, 1994
Cherokee Paul McDonald, 1995
Wil Trower,1995
Dr. Rita Mae Brown, 1996
Terry Glatt, 1996
Dr. Seth Kalichman, 1996
Sharon Robb, 1996
Steven Berrard, 1997
The Honorable Gary Farmer, 1998
Michael Rudolph, 19991
Dr. Michael David Bartberger, 2000
Arden Dickey, 2001
Miles McGrane, 2002
Denise M. Nieman, 2003
Louise Crocco, 2004
Charles N. Lyle, 20041
Patti Barney, 2005
Edwin Moore, 2005
The Honorable Catalina M. Avalos, 2006
Teresa S. Justice, 2006
Dr. S. Kimara March, 2007
Dr. Theodore J. Wright, 2007
Paul D. Bain, 2008
Jodie Fry, 2008
Max B. Osceola, Jr. 2008
Dr. Susan B. Hassmiller, 2009
Lisa Scott-Founds, 2011
Ignacio Reyes, 2011
Mike Borrone, 2012
Shubert Chang, 2012
Dr. Robert Easton, Jr., 2012
Diana Hunter-Gonzalez, 2012
The Honorable Charles LaMarca, 2012
Michael Nyitray, 2012
David Sirois, 2012
Dr. Deborah Adair, 2012
Michelle Alban-Lane, 2013
Kyle Boos, 2013
Marissa Kelley, 2013
Jeffrey Koch, 2013
Matthew Rocco, 2013
Alex Llerena, 2013
Franklin C. Adderly, 2014
Sharry A. Kimmel, Ed.D., 2014
Joshua Lenchus, D. O., 2014
Rick Mijares, 2014
Bob Saxon, 2014
Nancy Tanner, 2014
William Becker, 2015
Bob Birdsong, 2015
Dr. Carl W. Carruthers, Jr., 2015
Paola Mariselli, 2015
David R. Maymon, 2015
Christopher M. Neilson, 2015
Cynthia Thuma, 2015
Jennifer Troppello Hamilton, 2015
Amos Ford, 2016
Michael S. Long, 2016
Taren Ruggiero, 2016
Scott Russell, 2016
Kingman D. Schuldt, 2016
Cheryl-Dene Spring, 2016
Barrington Irving, 2017