Dining Services and Vending Services

Broward College Dining and Vending Services are contracted by the college and function as a service to the students, faculty, staff and administration by providing healthy dining options for the college community.

The College Dining Services offers many options such as; snacks and beverages, coffee and breakfast items, hot and cold sandwiches, soups, salads, and pasta. The College Dining Services also provides catering services to Broward College. A complete list of menu items, including prices, hours of operation and catering guide are available by visiting the Dining Services web site at: http://www.broward.edu/studentresources/dining/Pages/default.aspx. Dining Services accepts cash and credit cards.

The College Vending Services also has many vending machines located throughout the campuses and centers. The vending machines contain snacks and beverages.

Please note the following locations for food services:

Food Service Location Phone Number
A. Hugh Adams Central Campus Central Campus Dining Bldg. 19, Rm. 110 954-201-6459
Central Campus Library Café (Dunkin) Bldg. 17, Rm. 130 954-201-6423
North Campus Dining Bldg. 46, Rm. 115 954-201-2042
Judson A. Samuels South Campus South Campus Dining Bldg. 68-C, Rm.172 954-201-8335
Judson A. Samuels South Campus South Campus (Dunkin) Bldg. 73, Rm.101 954-915-1308